Development training programme: trainer training framework

As organisational demand for mindfulness training has increased, shortcomings in the current mindfulness teacher training infrastructure have emerged. Current provision caters mainly for the needs of those who wish to teach Mindfulness Based Interventions in medical and therapeutic settings. This approach to teaching mindfulness with lengthy meditations, in-­depth inquiry, and inadequate explanations is far from ideal for the workplace.

A 3 Day trainer training professional development module TME have developed a 3 Day Workplace Mindfulness professional development module designed especially for those completing SeeTrues trainer development programme. This Professional Development module is designed to equip mindfulness trainers with the confidence and understanding to successfully deliver the WorkplaceMT programme to staff groups within a range of organisations.

Participation, understanding, reflection This Professional Development module enables Mindfulness teachers to participate in a WorkplaceMT course, with modules taught daily followed by time to explore the underpinning theory and rationale for each weeks contents. Workshops on selling WorkplaceMT, making the business case, and working with research data, along with input on guiding meditations, encouraging employees to reflect on the mind body connection are a key component.

The Schedule can be found here