Adaption and flexibility is the key

“In essence, no one owns mindfulness. Adaptation already exists and indeed fits with the original spirit of MBSR. Jon Kabat-Zinn never intended that the original curriculum should be prescriptive. But as a ‘well-­defined, systematic, patient-centred approach to group mindfulness training,’ it was designed to be delivered in a flexible way... Adaptation is at the heart of mindfulness... In 2011 Professor Mark Williams, co-wrote Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World with journalist Danny Penman. This popular bestseller makes mindfulness accessible to a lay audience, and is rapidly becoming a ‘green book’ for MBIs in workplace settings”

"As mindfulness moves into organizations, research must be done that increases confidence in causal inferences. This will likely involve unpacking and testing the impacts of specific practices within specific contexts, both independently and in combination with each other"..... "Coupling mindfulness with other training may produce beneficial synergistic effects." .... "The practicality of mindfulness training may hinge on the “dose” required for effects. Research on minimum effective doses is promising; just 5 minutes of training induced changes in negotiation performance (Reb & Narayanan, 2014), and 15 minutes resulted in better decision making (Hafenbrack et al., 2013)"

Contemplating Mindfulness at Work: An Integrative Review, Good, Lyddy et al (2015)